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Travel Chandigarh Aim

Our sole aim is to provide latest Chandigarh online information to our visitors regarding Chandigarh travel services. We act as a guidance tutor which helps our visitors to select best hotels in Chandigarh by providing them highlights on:

1. Chandigarh Hotels Rates
2. Chandigarh Hotels Comfort Level
3. Chandigarh Hotels Star Rating
4. Chandigarh Discounted Hotels
5. Chandigarh Best Hotel Deals lists the various features available for entertainment in Chandigarh. That includes:

1. Shopping Malls in Chandigarh
2. Cinema Halls in Chandigarh
3. Rock Garden in Chandigarh
4. Rose Garden in Chandigarh
5. Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh

The list get elongated by educating you with the various education colleges and universities available in Chandigarh, various religious temples in Chandigarh and a whole detailed map of Chandigarh.

We also undertake the supervision of providing you with the latest travel news through our Live Chandigarh Blog. It incorporates all the live events in Chandigarh, biography and history of Chandigarh and news related to accommodation and other travel and immigration services in Chandigarh.

About the owner
I "Varun Sharma" have been living in Chandigarh since 1990. The sole purpose of this website is to ensure that it covers all the concepts related to Chandigarh. The main idea to launch this website for me can be enlisted in following ways:

1. Basic interest in developing something interesting for Chandigarh.
2. As a search engine optimization specialist, my basic aim is to develop a big Chandigarh website network for different themes.

I hope all the visitors would find the site interesting and at the same time very useful.

Designing a website demands a lot of time and effort. Such a venture is just next to impossible without the support and motivation of one’s family and friends. The site is dedicated to my family and friends who have always adjusted to suit our un-planned preoccupations with the website.


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