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Save Water to Live in Chandigarh Apr 15

Due to increased demand of drinking water in summers, the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation authorities prohibited watering of lawns, washing of courtyards and vehicles in the morning water supply hours from tomorrow.

According to a spokesperson of the corporation, wastage or misuse of water is also considered illegal if anybody found overflow from overhead and underground water tanks, leakage from water metre chambers, wastage of water due to non-installation of bib taps, leakage in pipeline from ferrule to water metre, leakage and overflow from desert coolers and installation and use of booster pumps direct on the water supply line authorities.

The action would be taken against consumers, if found indulging in any of these acts.

On first violation, a notice would be served to the defaulting consumers for getting the defects and faults rectified within a period of 24 hours of the issue of notice.

On detecting the violation for the second time, a fine and penalty of Rs 500 would be imposed, which would be recovered through regular water supply charges bills. Any material like booster pumps being used by the defaulter would be confiscated.

On finding the violation for the third time, the water connection would be disconnected immediately without any further notice.

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