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Six New Theme-Based Gardens to be Designed in Chandigarh Jul 18

For developing six new theme-based gardens in the city along with adding new features in the existing gardens, the Chandigarh administration has chalked out an estimate of around Rs 8 crore.

The administration has decided to develop Garden of Palms and Children Adventure Park in Sector 42, Valley of Animals and Sunken Garden with knot concept in Green Belt of Sector 51, Maze Garden in Sector 52, Sculpture Garden in Leisure Valley Sector 10, Garden of Conifers in Sector 51 (rear side of YPS) and Garden Centre in Government Nursery in Sector 23 C for Rs 232 lakh, Rs 150 lakh, Rs 145 lakh, Rs 69 lakh, Rs 95 lakh and Rs 84 lakh, respectively.

According to a press note, attempt would to boost tourism in the city along with giving aesthetic view to the city. Under the Garden of Palms and Children Adventure Park in Sector 42, there are plans to develop an area of around 25 acres near New Lake which would cater to the playing needs of children from different age groups.

Proposals are to create Adventure Mound Cycling facility in the park and develop a Toddler’s Corner where children below five years will be provided facilities like child-friendly swings, ground boats, see-saw, slides, spring rides, small automatic cars etc. Public conveniences, drinking water facility, rain shelters, benches, information centre, gift shop and refreshment kiosk would also be created in the park.

Valley of Animals and Sunken Garden with knot concept will showcase a mass display of various animal species topiaries on the slopes and undulations, co-existing in family form or in action.The shapes of animals could be created with plants of different hues and textures so as to make it a colourful and curious display.

The Knot Garden concept would be purely for augmenting the aesthetic presentation of the garden by using edge plants, stones and pebbles making low-headed carpet-like designs on the ground preferably for viewing at low levels.

The third phase sectors of the city have multi-storeyed flats and to soften the look of a concrete jungle, Garden of Conifers has been proposed in Sector 51. The garden would act like a breather for the residents of this sector.

The Maze Garden is likely to have an interesting and amusing feature like a Maze with Hedge (“Bhool Bhulaiyan”).The Leisure Valley has been found best suited for the setting up of Sculpture Garden, where sculpture of renowned artists and students from the College of Art would be installed.

The Government Nursery in Sector 23 will be developed as Garden Centre by providing greenhouse, glass house, poly house, tissue culture lab, horticulture/ landscape information centre having well-laid paths, enough plant material to meet city requirements, sale counter, play equipment for children and art gallery of plants.

Chandigarh Advancing Towards Metro Culture Feb 28

Chandigarh is waking up to metro culture as far as liquor trade is concerned. In fact, the excise policy 2009-10 announced by the Chandigarh Administration today came up with the new concept of the establishment of modern liquor shops in air-conditioned environment, including in shopping malls, in keeping with the changing social trends, besides extending the bar timings to 1 a.m.

The modern shops will be introduced with a lower licence fee of Rs 20 lakh per annum, subject to the condition that such shops will be air-conditioned and be allowed in the SCO/SCFs or shopping malls only. These modern shops will be allowed to have “tasting sessions” as seen in liquor shops abroad and other metropolitan cities of India.

However, the licence fee for the conventional retail sale liquor shops have been retained at Rs 25 lakh per annum. The liquor vends functioning in the existing temporary structures have been disincentivised as the licence fee for such vends has been raised from Rs 25 lakh to Rs 30 lakh to phase them out in future.

The administration has increased the minimum retail prices for country liquor and IMFL by Rs 5 to Rs 20 per bottle. Similarly, increase in minimum retail price for beer has been pegged at Rs 5 indicating an increase in the liquor rates–a bad news for the tipplers.

In order to promote low alcoholic drinks, the licence fee on the wholesale licence of wine has been reduced from Rs 5,000 per brand to Rs 2,000 per brand and sale of domestic wines has been allowed from licensed departmental stores.

Similarly, keeping in view the changing social trends with regard to increase in the number of visitors to bars/restaurants, the bar closure timings have been further relaxed to 1 am instead of midnight at present. The private possession limits have been kept unchanged. The private possession limits are 18 bottles of IMFL/imported foreign liquor, 36 bottles of beer, 18 bottles of wine and 2 bottles of country liquor, a press note said. There has been no increase in the rate of excise duty on liquor. However, in order to ensure balance in the regional trade and to curb the outflow of liquor to neighboring states, the rate of VAT on liquor has been increased from 4 per cent to 12.5 per cent, bringing it on a par with Punjab and Himachal Pradesh.

The licence fee of L-3/L-4/L-5 (bar licences) of 5-star hotels has been reduced from Rs 5 lakh per annum to Rs 2.25 lakh per annum and the licence fee of other bar licences kept unchanged.