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Punjabi play ‘Ram Mohammd Singh Azad’ being staged in Chandigarh Sep 11

“Dar-o-deevar pe hasrat ki nazar karte hain. Khush raho ahle-watan ham toh safar karte hein…” the essence of the couplet by Wazid Ali Shah, a salutation to the supreme sacrifices of freedom fighters and martyrs was revived at the Randhawa Auditorium all through the staging of a Punjabi play, “Ram Mohammd Singh Azad”, by artistes of Punjabi Natak Akademy, Mohali, here today.

Conceived by Bhag Singh decades ago, the play, scripted and directed by the veteran thespian scholar Charan Singh Sindra, exhaled an aura of patriotism as it brought alive the saga of sacrifice and martyrdom by legendry Shaheed Udham Singh.

Sindra illustrated his own perspective that how the freedom fighters and martyrs feel concerned for the spirit of Independence being diluted and corrupted by Indian masses which they secured making supreme sacrifices.

He relied mainly on historical facts, but at times borrowed mythological concept to show the statue of Udham Singh coming to life. The play eloquently depicted the freedom struggle and resolute resolve of martyr Udham Singh to avenge the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

Sindra has created symbolic characters and sequences to bring into focus the unscrupulous elements engaged in fanning terrorism, corruption and unethical activities which must be dealt with sternly. The crisp dialogue delivery by actors and soothing music augmented the production level captivated the audience who braved the rains to relish the play.

Sindra won applause for his pulsating portrayal of central character Gurdev as also Vicky Baba as the protagonist, Ram Mohammad Singh Azad, Anil Masih (Laatibhan), besides Sandip Nahar, Mohit Sharma, Harsimranjit, Gurinder , Surinder and Goldy Lamba. Other credits were shared by Gaurav Sharma, TP Singh, Dr Gurpreet Sindra and Prabhdev Singh.

Tagore Theatre - A centre of excellence for art and culture Jan 29

The Chandigarh Administration has chalked out an ambitious plan to convert the recently-opened Tagore Theatre into a centre of excellence for art and culture.

According to official sources, the objective will not only be to provide technical and infrastructural facilities at par with the international standards, but also to simultaneously transform its identity from a mere city-level theatre facility to a national-level cultural centre for arts.

The aim will be to develop it in a way so it emerges as a venue for other new trends in the arena of theatre and associated fields like experimental theatre, children’s theatre, a theatre repertory etc.

With this objective of creating a cultural renaissance and promotion of all forms as a unified whole, the theatre would be developed as the hub of all such artistic, intellectual, creative happenings.

Besides the enhancements of the engineering and technological facilities in the theatre, addition of other facilities like an exhibition gallery, small seminar facilities, library of the arts (with focus on performing arts), place for conducting art, theatre and literary workshops, and cafeteria designed with imaginative elements would develop the venue into a holistic centre of arts, revolving around the fulcrum of performing arts.

Within the theatre complex, a small open-air theatre around the landscaped pedestrian piazza can be added for low cost performances to amateurs, children, neighborhood level groups or anyone else desiring using them.

In other words, with enhanced facilities and cultural transformation, the artists would perform in the most conducive and supportive atmosphere. Also it would become an artiste and art-lovers’ hangout and a venue for exchange of intellectual ideas and discourses.